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Sindec Chemicals leading the way

Sindec Chemicals have developed a wide range of resin-based products for treating surfaces to meet the demands placed by today’s industries.


The scope of materials manufactured by Sindec covers a very wide area, high quality floor coatings and screeds, decorative resin bonded surfacing, anti-slip treatments, protection for concrete and asphalt surfaces, and much more.

We put innovation at the forefront of product development to fit your specifications, customer feedback is always key in engaging with real case scenarios; these enable us to constantly improve upon industry leading products, therefore, delivering a real product and service that is focused around you

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Experts dedicated to you

The Sindec philosophy is very simple, if you have a problem surface our experienced team of over 40 years’ experience are ready to listen and advise. Ongoing and extensive development and research on all our products is part of our policy, as technology deepens, we are constantly looking at upgrading and pushing out the boundaries of resin capabilities and performances to provide the surface finish you the customer require.


Most of the Sindec product range is available direct for DIY application, alternatively our nationwide network of approved applicators can carry out full installation, providing quality workmanship to the high standards we expect.


Do you want a FREE quotation on one of our coating systems or simply need more information?

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