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Commercial & Residential

Commercial & Residential resin solutions

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From industrial surface coatings to intricate residential construction, we manufacture chemical resin solutions for you. Water Borne & Solvent Based Epoxy solutions are available where you require the following:

  • Excellent chemical resistance

  • Excellent water resistance

  • Excellent performance at extremes of temperature

  • Rapid- and low-temperature cure

  • Strong bonding to many substrates



Self-levelling products are a highly requested solution for flooring, due to its easy application and its smooth and uniform finish. Incorporated in SINDEC Resin System, the before mentioned properties are found to suit  many commercial and industrial floors, homes, and even pavements in workshops and parking lots with very high resistance requirements.

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Fast curing and with large scale application, this pure Polyurea is a product with excellent qualities, even among the hot projected products. It has high chemical resistance and high mechanical properties. It meets sanitary criteria of water quality, making it ideal for the waterproofing of both potable and residual water installations.


Our pure Polyurea is also suitable as a waterproofing for concrete structures or for secondary containment.

Can provide same day coating solution to resume production in under 24hrs.

Fast Track Polyurea Coatings

100% Solid High Build Epoxy Coating, specially formulated for industrial warehouse flooring application Multilayer protective coating for heavily used concrete floors, in all kinds of indoor areas.

Also suitable for parking decks, industrial store rooms, shops/commercial floors, poorly ventilated areas and areas where heavy traffic is required.

Fast & simple application in industrial sites that will reduce overall project costs with its 2 coat system 300g at per coat.

Industrial High Build Epoxy System

Explore a large number of solutions or get a bespoke product to meet your requirements

Our team of chemists and manufacturing line experts are able to provide you with a currently stocked product or develop a bespoke solution to suit your requirements, we are happy to help and deliver! Simply call today on +44 203 940 4560 or email


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