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EP Flake System

100% Solids Solids (See PVC Colour Colour Flake Chart)


Durability and Approximate Lifetime

EPI-REZ™ waterborne epoxy resins, together with EPIKURE™ curing agents, enable a wide variety of low or no-VOC end-products with performance levels previously unthinkable for waterborne epoxy systems—at a cost that is increasingly competitive with solvent-borne technology.

Features & Benefits when using this product:

  • Low to moderate viscosities

  • High reactivity at ambient and low temperatures

  • Reactivity relatively independent of mass

  • Superior wetting characteristics leading to improved adhesive properties as compared to standard epoxy resins

  • Good physical strength and toughness

  • Enhanced resistance to amine blush

Units & Coverage

  • 5 kg Kit - 12 to 17 m2

  • 10kg - 25 to 34 m2


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