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Epoxy Quartz Screed

Epoxy Quartz Screed designed to be laid at 6mm to 9mm in Heavy Traffic areas.


Product Description

EQ-100 is a 3 component, natural or multicoloured decorative resin floor screed. It provides a highly durable, decorative and low maintenance, in-situ flooring system for hand application to a range of difficult substrates, it can be laid by sledge and power floated, it may also be used for coving and up-stands.


EQ-100 is a very designer friendly system, available in a range of colours and sizes which can be blended to create unique mixes to suit any design requirement.

Features & Benefits when using this product:

  • Range of colours and sizes

  • Low maintenance

  • Hard wearing and load resistant

  • Slip resistant

  • Load resistant

  • Chemically resistant

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Suitable for outdoors (subject to special sealers)

Units & Coverage

  • 4kg Mixed Resin + 25kg Aggregate

  • Applied @ 2kg = 1mm Thickness / m2

  • Minimum 4mm Fine Quartz

  • Minimum 6mm Coarse Quartz


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