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Epoxy Quartz Sealer

100% Solids Clear, Epoxy Seal Coat for Quartz Systems


Product Description

EQ-100-S is a two-component epoxy with good penetrating properties for use on concrete and polymer-modified cementitious screeds. Epoxy resin is an excellent adhesive material, ideal for flooring application.


EQ-100-S is 100% solids, low viscosity consisting of 2 pre-measured components.


EQ-100-S is designed to seal epoxy quartz systems, seal with one tight coat with an additional tight coat if required at 200g per m2 per coat (2 Coats Recommended)

Features & Benefits when using this product:

  • Low viscosity - penetrates the substrate

  • Seals concrete pores - reduces the potential for gassing and pin holing in resin floor finishes

  • Improves the adhesion of toppings to the substrate

  • Easy to mix and apply

Units & Coverage

Coverage varies widely due to the porosity and profile of different substrates.

  • 200g/m2 per coat (2 Coats Recommended)

* Coverage figures given are theoretical. Practical coverage rates


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