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Epoxy Self Smoothing Bianko

White Pigmented, Self Smoothing System, Trowel Applied, 3 Part Kit


Product Description

SM-3200 is a 3 component, White pigmented epoxy resin floor system which when mixed provides a

3-6mm thick self-smoothing floor with a high gloss, and an excellent wear-resistant finish.

SM-3200 is a solvent and phenol-free, low-odour product. It provides a highly durable, decorative, and low maintenance, in-situ flooring system for hand application to a range of difficult substrates.

Features & Benefits when using this product:

  • White Pigmented

  • Low maintenance

  • Hard wearing and load resistant

  • Smooth

  • Load resistant in 24 hours

  • Suitable for logos and designs

  • Chemically resistant

  • Application to all kinds of surface

  • Taint free and fully inert once cured

Units & Coverage

  • 24 kg Kit - 4m2 @ 3mm Thickness

This Product is pigmented with:



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