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Epoxy Terrazzo Binder (Pigmented)

Pigmented Epoxy Terrazzo Binder for mixtures of natural stone granules 5-20mm in a Mediterranean Terrazzo Finish.


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Product Description

Epoxy Terrazzo Binder is a three component, Pigmented epoxy resin binder with 100% solids for application for interior floors, which with the mixture of aggregates will create a Mediterranean Terrazzo Finish.

Application on interior floors, allowing the incorporation of different loads or inert materials, such as plastics, glass or stones of different sizes.


For use as a binder of heavy duty terrazzo floors. The binding and spreading capacity of the product allows the use of any mixture of aggregates, including limited quantities of other

additional materials (glass, mother of pearl, steel, etc.)


Epoxy Terrazzo Binder has been designed for the creation of low seamless floors in Mediterranean Terazzo styles, suitable fior eavy traffick in industrial, civil and commercial use such as villas, apartments, shops, showrooms, offices, conference rooms, hotels, walkways, restaurants, shopping centers, etc

Features & Benefits when using this product:

  • Excellent adhesion

  • Easy application

  • Allows Minimimun thicknesses of 4/5 m (Aggreagte Dependant)

  • No Shirnkage

  • Can be Pigmented

  • Impermeable to Liquids

  • Easy Maintenance Floor

  • Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance

  • Solvent-Free

  • High mechanical and chemical resistance to a wide range of products, such as solvents, fuel oils and bases.

Units & Average Blend Figures

Average Blend Figures:

  • Marble 2mm to 4mm = 6.500kg / m

  • Marble 6mm to 10mm = 7.500kg / m

Kits Available: 

  • 37kg Kit

  • A = 10kg  |  B = 5kg  | C = 22Kg 


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