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Polynate 100 (Polyaspartic)

100% Solids, Hand-Applied Polyaspartic Coating, UV Stable


Product Description

PA-100 is a two-component, slow reacting polyaspartic system that, opposite to usual polyurea systems, has a gel time and a curing speed slow enough to allow manual application, while retaining a curing time still shorter than usual two-component polyurethane systems.

PA-100 is delivered colourless or pigmented. Main applications includes flooring and multilayer combinations.

Features & Benefits when using this product:

  • UV Stable Resin

  • Fast cure even at low temperatures.

  • Good adhesions strength

  • Hard and resistant, in one-coat application.

  • Excellent gloss retention. Aliphatic polyisocyanate base.

  • Does not yellow upon exposure to sunlight.

  • Good weathering resistance.

  • Thick layers possible in a single application.

  • Improves corrosion resistance. Several studies show that these coatings exhibit a corrosion inhibition potential in metal surfaces.

  • Suitable for operating freezing rooms.

  • Ideal for new construction and refurbishment.

  • Easier and time-saving solution in contrast with classical epoxy and polyurethane systems

Units & Coverage


  • 14 kg

  • 4.6 kg


  • 15 kg

  • 5 kg


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