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Ghetto Golf, The Purple Floored WONDERLAND using High Build Epoxy HB-300

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Sindec Chemicals formulated and produced a unique violet colour for our client to install in a children's soft play area walkways. 1500kgs of High Build Epoxy HB-300 were made to order and delivered in easy to use 10kg kits, a whopping 150 kits consisting of the bespoke pigmented Resin component A + the hardener component B ready to go; packaged to 4 pallets transported via next day On-Site delivery

Industrial Flooring Ltd successfully installed our our High Build Epoxy System HB-300, in addition, a DPM primer was used after diamond grinding the substrate present. The DPM Primer was installed to ensure that any water table issues were eliminated and 2 coats of High Build Epoxy HB-300 were applied over 2 days by squeegee and roller.

The client was completely satisfied with the finished service of the completed project, turning out to be a fantastic recreational area with an industrial level seamless floor installed to withstand heavy foot traffic and commercial usage, as a result, not only do the aesthetics look amazing but the general performance is second to none!

Sindec Chemicals - Our name is in what we do! Contact us about how we may be able to help you deliver at the highest standards using only the best products and materials in a complete service using Sindec Chemicals, from manufacture to delivery, we are able to cover the entire UK and Europe.



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