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WB Epoxy Primer Clear

Water based dispersive Epoxy ideal for Priming porous and difficult surfaces, Low Viscosity


Product Description

AQ-130 is a two-component Water Based Epoxy Primer with good penetrating properties for use on concrete and polymer modified cementitious screeds.

AQ-130 is designed to improve the adhesion of all floor toppings and coating systems to the substrate.

Features & Benefits when using this product:

  • Low viscosity - penetrates the substrate

  • Seals concrete pores - reduces the potential for out gassing and pin holing in resin floor finishes

  • Easy to mix and apply 

  • Improves the adhesion of toppings to the substrate 

Units & Coverage

  • 5 kg Kit - 30 to 40 m2

  • 10kg Kit - 65 to 70 m2


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