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Food & Beverage Processing

Food & Beverage Processing resin coatings

Food and beverage manufacturing environments are exposed to a wide variety of contaminants, including animal fats, hot oils, chemicals, sugary solutions and natural food acids, all of which can rapidly break down insufficiently protected concrete surfaces.


This could result in bacteria growth, damage to the floor surface, injuries to personnel and damage to equipment; this can be avoided with the correctly specifies flooring system from Sindec chemicals (contact our technical department for a specification of this floor).

Steam cleaning, high-pressure jet washing and areas of thermal shock are common practice, but, at these high temperatures standard epoxy resins will not withstand the demands of the cleaning regime, for this reason, the ideal solution is a  Sindec Polyurethane screed at 9mm Thickness, which will withstand temperatures up to 120C superscritp


Flooring Solutions by Sindec

Heavy Duty PU Screed System

For areas of high thermal shock and where steam cleaning is a requirement, Sindec PU HD-900 can be laid 9mm thick, at this thickness, Sindec PU HD-900 will withstand steam cleaning up to 120C SUPERSCRIPT.


Sindec PU HD-900 can also provide a very high degree of chemical and impact resistance. It can be laid to falls to allow water to run away into drains. Available in a range of colours

Fast Track Flooring in Polyaspartic Resin Coatings

In this Industry, the tainting of products from the resin system is a mayor problem, for this reason and an odourless Polyaspartic coating systems is an ideal solution, providing a high chemical and wear resistance combined with a very fast cure, no odour and non-volatile application. 

Due to its fast cure, it is often possible to apply 3 coats in one day as opposed to 3 days with standard systems, minimising down time and loss of production. Available in a range of colour and can be made anti slip if required.

Contact us for further information on this product Polynate-100-LV put this porduct here once webpage once been created.


Self smoothing products are a tried and tested solution to warehousing and storage areas, due to their hard wearing, smooth uniform finish. Ease of application and fast turn around is key in preventing excessive loss of down time and if necessary, the system can be accelerated to allow a faster cure. Once cured demarcation lines can be added directly onto the screed to provide walkways and fire exits, etc. Available in a range of colours.

Sindec has created the ideal solution to this in SM-3000 Self Smoothing Epoxy Screed

100% Solid High Build Epoxy Coating, specially formulated for industrial warehouse flooring, providing multilayer protective coating for heavily used concrete floors, in all kinds of indoor areas.

HB-300 High Build Epoxy is also suitable for parking decks, industrial store rooms, shops/commercial floors and areas where light/medium traffic is required.

Fast & simple application in industrial sites that will reduce overall project costs with its 2 coat system

It can be modified to add flexibility and/or high chemical resistance upon request. A Fast Cure option is available

For lighter traffic areas where you require good chemical resistance in a silk finish Sindec WBC-135 Water Based Colour Coating can be applied. 

Industrial High Build Epoxy

Walkways, demarcation areas, zebra crossings, fire exits, bay marking and alphabetical or numerical characters can all be undertake with Sindec Epoxy Line Marking Paint LMP-100

Epoxy Line Marking Paint LMP

Epoxy Concrete Repair Systems

Joint edges are often damaged and expansion points fail, leading to forklift mast damage, dropped and damaged goods and back injuries to operators.


Sindec EPR-1000 Epoxy Patch Repair Kit can repair the damage present when filled with an expansion filler can provide a smooth transition between slabs.

Spalled and damaged areas of concrete can be repaired quickly and efficiently by using Sindec EM-600 Epoxy Mortar offers 6mm to 50mm repairs with minimum downtime.

EP & WB Primers, DPM, OT & Fast Curing Options

On floor ares which show no sign of dampness, the standard EPR-221 Epoxy Primer can be used, we recommend a 2 coat application when a self smoothing screed is to be installed to ensure the substrate is fully sealed to prevent pin holing during cure.


This product is compatible with all the epoxy product line produced by Sindec Chemicals.

A fast cure option is available if desired. A Water Based Epoxy Primer AQ-130  is available for use with the water based coating systems.

If the area has a high water table or is subject to high moisture content (over 65% RH or 6% pbv) then the application of 2 coats of Sindec DPM Primer 230 may be required to retain the dampness prior to installing the self smoothing screed or epoxy system application.

For an oil contaminated surface, the application of Sindec OT-235 Oil Tolerant Primer can prevent the contamination bleeding through and affecting the subsequent system. On heavily contaminated areas, it's best to degrease, rinse and dry before applying 1 or 2 coats of the Oil Tolerant Primer. When cured will provide a barrier between the oil and the finished coating.

Explore a large number of solutions or find the right product to meet your requirements from a UK based industry leading manufacturer 

Our team of chemists and production line experts are able to provide the correct solution to suit your specifications, in addition, we can provide a specification via consultation for your flooring needs. We are happy to help and deliver! Simply call today on +44 203 940 4560 or email


Do you want a FREE quotation on one of our coating systems or simply need more information?

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